Monday, June 2, 2014

Window Phone 8 Assets / Icon / Tile sizes


If you’ve tried to find the recommended tile sizes for Windows Phone 8.x you probably ended up here: 


And you definitely should read this article carefully.  However if you’re just looking to make some simple static assets for your Windows Phone 8 app its not obvious what’s required and or what’s best practice.

SO here’s this list:

  Scale 100 Scale 140 Scale 240
Square Logo 71x71 99x99 170x170
Logo 150x150 210x210 360x360
Logo Wide 310x150 434x210 744x360
Small Logo 44x44 62x62 106x106
Store Logo 50x50 70x70 120x120
Badge Logo 24x24 33x33 58x58

You’ll notice a couple of them overlap with Windows Store (but not many).


And for the Splash / Launch Images you’ll want to make:

480x800, 672x1120 & 1152x1920


If I come across a good site or tool for auto creating the icons I’ll make sure to add it here. 

For more information: