Saturday, February 15, 2014

Why you probably don’t want to buy cheap Lightning Port cables on eBay

A few months back our household started transitioning from older iOS devices to fancy new Lightning Port enabled Apple devices.
It’s always fun to upgrade the tech toys but this of course meant we couldn’t make use of our old collection of iPhone / iPad cables.
Not wanting to spend $20+ per cable I thought I’d be smart and order a few low priced spares from eBay.  In retrospect – perhaps $0.99 including shipping was a bit too good to be true.
After about a week of use I noticed one of the cable’s end was warped:
I just assumed our terrier got at it and chewed it.
A few days later my significant other called me over stating that she couldn’t sync her new iPad Air with her laptop.  I took a look and sure enough – it wouldn’t sync and it was  flashing between charging and not charging. 
I pulled out the cable, turned it over and discovered this:
The cable literally had a hole burned into the housing, and I can only assume the other cable had warped due to heat.

So long story short – we quickly stopped using the bargain cables and I bought an expensive but fully working Apple branded Lightning Port cable the next day.
At least I can report that none of our iOS devices suffered any damage.